Become a Volunteer

The lifeblood of Wedgetail Retreat and TPS is our wonderful group of volunteers, many of whom have been with us since our inception. Volunteer carers focus on the ‘human’ side of caring for those with a life-limiting illness. They are not nurses or bereavement counsellors, but offer friendship and practical help that enables the dying to remain independent for longer than would otherwise be possible.

Working in palliative care is one of the more rewarding volunteer choices. It makes a huge difference to the person who is dying and their family, and also to the volunteer’s own life. Volunteers learn to cherish each day, listen deeply and value life as a precious gift.

The volunteers who complete our one day per week/ten week training course (See Volunteer Training) may be involved in:

• Relieving carers so they can attend to other matters or take time out.

• Running errands and providing transport to medical appointments.

• Giving hands-on personal care.

• Providing any other assistance as agreed.

Other ways to Volunteer

Not everyone chooses to take on a carer role at TPS. There are many other valued volunteer roles available – office work, Op Shop, client transport, maintenance (handy people welcome), newsletter production and hospice chef are some of the ways that volunteers can become part of the team.

(Include volunteering at Wedgetail – assisting nurses, the chefs, talking with clients and their families etc)
Each volunteer receives a ‘Welcome Kit’ so that they can understand what is expected and to learn more about the work of the charity.

Volunteer Support

Each month Wedgetail Retreat and TPS hold a Carer Support Meeting where volunteers can ‘debrief’ and share their experiences in the caring roles that they have. It is also a great opportunity for our volunteers to keep in touch with each other and maintain the bonds forged during training. Guest speakers are invited to join in after the confidential ‘sharing’.

Volunteers do not need formal qualifications. Their most important qualification is the desire to be of service to our palliative clients.

Thank you to all our wonderful and dedicated volunteers.

Contact us:

  • call the office on (02) 6672 8459
  • email us at or